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2014.07.28 Deshi ni Shite Kudasai!

It was already past noon so Massu went to a place where the workers hang out and caught them having lunch so he talked to them about how they ended up at Benry. Then he went on his first mission which was learning about door handles and locks. Massu looked really excited. 

Next mission was replacing the material on screen door. It turned out harder than it seemed. Massu tried it and was so smug about succeeding from the first attempt but it turned out he left a big wrinkle so he had to do it all over again. After he was done his supervisor told him they were now going to do this in front of a real customer. Massu was very nervous as the female client and her kids were watching the whole time but he tried his best.

The final task was cleaning a classroom. Massu brightened up at this saying “Cleaning is my speciality” but he soon realized it wasn’t that easy. He was assigned to the vacuum cleaner but it was a very powerful one so it required quite a bit of strength to use. It was just a scheduled cleaning so there wasn’t much to be cleaned, really, but it was still a lot of work. They even cleaned the 20 pairs of slippers there. While they were at it Massu asked what were the strangest things they were asked to do. One worker said it was holding a spot for hanami and the other said what surprised him the most was when someone couldn’t open the lid of a pan. (Later Massu also found out there things like: becoming a Santa Claus, participating in a baseball match, resolving parent’s dispute, just being a conversation partner as well as things that cannot be revealed on TV)

After they were done Massu said it was extremely hard and thanked his mentor. Back in the studio he was clapping himself as always. After discussing his feat a little Massu gave a preview of the next episode: working at the zoo! Everyone looked impressed and Hako-chan said “you can’t even touch dogs were you ok?” but Massu proudly pointed at the screen saying “Look here, please!”. There, in the picture he was touching a giraffe. 

2014.07.21 Deshi ni Shite Kudasai!

This time Massu got to work as a handyman at a “total convenience service” company in Nagoya called Benry. As Massu met with his supervisor he asked what kind of job does a handyman do and he said it could be anything from cleaning to installing home appliances. Basically, anything the client asks them to do.

"I also want to become a man who can do all sorts of things so I will do my best!" was what Massu said and went to change into a uniform. The first thing he was taught was greeting customers. Then Massu’s first task was moving furniture -  moving a drawer to the second floor. Since the stairs were too narrow they had to move it from outside via a ladder. The supervisor explained how furniture should be handled and that normally it takes two people to move it. Massu was like "That’s hard" and the guy laughed saying "But we haven’t even done anything yet." Well, it was 34 C outside so no wonder Massu was troubled. The drawer was about 40 kg and it wasn’t easy to lift it all the way to the 2nd floor.

The second mission was to cut the bushes in the garden. Massu was shown how to use the garden shears and as he tried it at first he was very slow and careful but when he sped up he took a whole branch out so there was a little hole in the bush) Then he used this sort of shaving tool but the look on his face was priceless.

For his 3rd mission Massu came to the company’s office. There lined up were many kinds of toilets. The supervisor asked Massu whether he ever unclogged a toilet to which Massu replied “I don’t use toilets so I don’t know much about them.” Instead of the usual force cups Benry uses advanced pneumatic equipment. It looked simple enough but Massu didn’t get it right at once. He then said “This segment is always hard but perhaps this one is the hardest.”

To be continued…





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I bet this is what fangirling looks like to normal people.

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